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Hi everyone! I want to officially welcome you to the MTG Best website. If you love Magic The Gathering as much as I do then you have come to right place. I’ve played Magic on and off for 25 years. There’s been many changes over the years but the core concepts of the card game are always the same and after so much time it’s amazing that Magic is still going on so strong.


There were the initial sets Limited Edition Alpha, Beta and Unlimited (or ABU) released in late 1993. Then there was the expansion sets of Arabian Nights, Antiquities, Legends and The Dark. I started playing a bit after this during the printing of Revised Edition. In our local card shop I was there with my father and we saw a box of MTG Starter Decks for sale, not a single one was missing as the card shop had yet to sell any of them. When asked what these interesting things were, the shop owner replied “a deck of magic cards”. I was intrigued, I had always liked magic a bit.. you know card tricks and pulling rabbits out of hats. Couldn’t wait to get home and try out these “magic” cards.

Boy was my younger brother and I confused when we cracked the starer deck open and didn’t really see magic tricks but cool paintings with strange text and numbers on them. Then we saw it. Drudge Skeleton, the most awesome card in the deck and we were hooked on whatever this game was! Our rares were a Tropical Island and a Wheel of Fortune, but the skeleton was the Magic card that won us young boys over. A couple months later Fallen Empires would be released and thus began my cycle of quitting Magic The Gathering and coming back to it.. haha kidding, sort of! Of course I always found my way back.

My favorite time in Magic was between Ice Age and the Urza’s Saga block. Spent many after school hours at the card shop (and usually my lunches in the library at school) playing Magic with my friends. While I still love paper Magic, I’m really enjoying #MTGA or Magic The Gathering Arena, the digital eSport version of the card game. If you run into an opponent named “RedWizard” that’s me (I’m assuming usernames are unique?).



Simple, because I love Magic The Gathering. Whether it’s paper Magic or online with Arena I have had a love affair with this game for around 25 years since I was a little kid. This site is meant to be fun and hopefully useful and informative from time to time.. but mostly just fun 😉



To quote a Roman Emperor.. Or was it Maximus?

“ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED???!!!” – Somebody

If you ever have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me directly or leave them below in the comments and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

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Sean AKA Red Wizard


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