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Meet Jason Wilson, a 45yo Magic: The Gathering virgin

For forty five your old Jason Wilson Magic: The Gathering has always been the enemy in a sort of way. Something to be ignored and forgotten about. When Jason was a teen in the mid 1990’s he got into Customizable Card Games just like many people at the time during the “Golden Age” of paper card games. But he never gave MTG a chance because as a lover of Dungeons & Dragons he naturally gravitated towards their own card game called TSR Spellfire. He did not want the popularity of Magic to overshadow Spellfire but it was a lost cause. Coming out of the CCG wars of the 90’s was basically three games left standing: Magic The Gathering, Pokemon and Star Wars CCG. Not long after that though, SWCCG went under and for quite a long time it was just MTG and Pokemon TCG left to dominate the market.

Fast forward some years and to 2013 and the release of Hearthstone closed beta in 2013. Jason was hooked with the card game bug once again and played many hours of Hearthstone, The Elder Scrolls: Legends and a game called Solforge (interestingly he did not play Eternal ccg!). Being surely and thoroughly in the grasps of digital card games Jason one day decided to give MTG: Arena a shot.

MTG Arena is Wizards of the Coast’ digital version of the paper card game and recently came out of a couple years of beta testing for full release. The response has been remarkable and Arena is absolutely a player on the digital card game.. Arena (sorry, I couldn’t help it). Jason has been on quite the MTGA journey as of late and seems to have found his place in the digital world.

Jason’s story has a lot more to tell, you can read the rest of his MTG:A adventure in the article linked below:

Tale of a 44-year-old Magic: The Gathering virgin

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